Our Story

Starkey's Funnel Cake Factory was established in 2004. The dough of our funnel is made by our bakers on a daily basis. Our funnel cake selections include the world-famous "Big Daddy". The Big Daddy features vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whip cream and two luscious cherries. The s'mores funnel cake is covered in chocolate syrup, crushed graham crackers and delicious marshmallow topping. The Funnel Cake Factory has countless toppings that you can add to your funnel cake. Cherry, strawberry, and blueberry to name a few awesome toppings. We also have mouth watering fried Oreos and other great treats. All that are fried in world's greatest funnel cake dough. Our world-famous Italian water ice is made fresh daily with a rotating selection of over 30 mouth watering flavors guaranteed to have your favorite! All flavors are made around the clock with fresh ingredients and top of the line products.
Starkey's makes sure every customer is treated with exceptional service and care. All customers will be provided with the very best funnel cake and Italian water ice at Rehoboth Beach.